Centre for Environmental Research and Impact Studies @ University of Bucharest


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Maria Patroescu
Professor emerita

Biogeography; Biodiversity; Environmental Education; Environmental Geography

Laurentiu Rozylowicz
Director of research

Spatial conservation planning; Conservation biology, Governance of environmental resources

Cristian I. Ioja

Urban ecology; Environmental impact assessment; Environmental geography

Mihai R. Nita
Associate Professor

Nature-based solutions; Green infrastructures; Ecosystem services; Environmental conflicts

Diana A. Onose
Senior researcher

Green infrastructures; Environmental conflicts; Urban ecology; Spatial analysis

Viorel D. Popescu
Senior researcher

Wildlife Ecology and Conservation; Spatial Conservation Planning; Conservation Biology

Andreea Nita
Senior researcher

Social Network Analysis; Environmental Impact Assessment; Conservation biology

Alina C. Hossu
Senior researcher

Environmental policy and planning; Collaborative decision making; Environmental conflicts

Marius L. Matache
Senior researcher

Pollutants bioaccumulation; Water chemistry; Environmental pollution

Iulian M. Niculae
Senior researcher

Environmental impact assessment; Spatial conservation planning; Landscape analysis

Gabriel O. Vanau
Senior researcher

Protected areas management; Ecosystem services; Sustainable development

Cristiana M. Ciocanea
Senior researcher

Environmental education; Environmental communication; Conservation biology

Athanasios A. Gavrilidis
Postdoctoral researcher

Urban planning; Quality of life in urban areas; Environmental impact assessment

Steluta Manolache
Steluta Manolache
Postdoctoral researcher

Governance of protected areas; Systematic conservation planning; Wildlife ecology

Simona R. Gradinaru
Postdoctoral researcher

Land use; Landscape patterns; Environmental policies

Iulia V. Miu
Postdoctoral researcher

Wildlife ecology; Conservation biology; Systematic conservation planning

Mihai I. Pop
Postdoctoral researcher

Wildlife ecology; Human-wildlife conflicts; Carnivore conservation

Vasile Bagrinovschi

Hydrology; Environmental pollution; Environmental education

Teodora Sin
Postdoctoral researcher

Conservation biology; Carnivore ecology; Spatial ecology

Cristina G. Mitincu
Postdoctoral researcher

Environmental Impact Assessment; Environmental policy and planning; Urban ecology

Ana-Maria Popa
PhD student

Urban ecology; Environmental impact assessment; Green infrastructures; Spatial analyses

Marian Mirea
Marian D. Mirea
PhD student

Wildlife ecology; Conservation biology; Spatial analyses

Raluca A. Slave
PhD student

Ecosystem services; Collaborative decision making; Urban Ecology

Larissa N. Stoia
PhD student

Green infrastructures, Urban ecology, Environmental Impact Assessment