Centre for Environmental Research and Impact Studies @ University of Bucharest

Past events

The workshop was organized by the Centre for Environmental Research and Impact StudiesFaculty of Geography – University of Bucharest and Society for Urban Ecology – South East Europe Chapter on July 6-9, 2017, in Bucharest.

The workshop is aiming to represent a platform of debates which will help scientists, public administration and other stakeholders exchange experiences on the use of Green Infrastructures (GI) in the sustainable planning of cities and it is organized in the framework of the project PN-II-RU-TE-2014-4-0434 Developing a model for evaluating the potential of urban green infrastructures for sustainable planning.

The National Symposium of Geography Students, represent a traditional event, with more than 20 editions, where numerous researchers and professors from the fields of Geography and Environmental Sciences disseminate their research findings.


The International Conference Environment – Landscape – European Identity has represented the annual conference of the Faculty of Geography – 2011, organized by the Department of Regional Geography and Environment.