Centre for Environmental Research and Impact Studies @ University of Bucharest

Viorel Popescu

Position: Senior Researcher

Research interests:

  • Wildlife Ecology and Conservation
  • Spatial Conservation Planning
  • Conservation Biology

Research projects:

  • Harvard Global Initiative – Developing an innovative and efficient performance indicator for biodiversity protection in Chinese Nature Reserves, Collaborator, PI’s Dr. Douglas Yu, Kunming Institute of Zoology, and Dr. Naomi Pierce, 2016-18, Harvard University ($200,000)
  • National Science Foundation of China – Rapid biodiversity assessment in Chinese protected areas using iDNA. Co-PI, with Dr. Douglas Yu, 2016-18, Kunming Institute of Zoology ($75,000)
  • Romanian Ministry of Education and Research – Incorporating sources of uncertainty in large carnivore management and conservation in Romania. PI, 2015-17, University of Bucharest ($138,312)

Relevant publications:

Contact: vioreldpopescu[at]gmail.com


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