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Project title: Integrating habitat connectivity assessment methods in a tool aimed at supporting the efficiency of biodiversity conservation within Natura 2000 network

Project number: PN-III-P1-1.1-TE-2021-1067

Contract number: TE 45/2022

Funding body: Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI)

Budget: 449.840 RON

Period: 2022-2024

Research team:

Iulian M. Niculae – Project Coordinator

Gabriel O. Vanau – Researcher

Cristiana M. Pioarca-Ciocanea – Researcher

Iulia V. Miu – Post-doctoral researcher

Lavinia C. Pindaru – PhD Student


To support the decision of biodiversity conservation and improving the management of protected areas from Romania (Natura 2000 network), through tools based on integration of habitats fragmentation and connectivity analysis methodology


O1. Evaluating the conservation value of species and habitats and their current management in protected areas from Romania;

O2. Analyzing habitat connectivity and fragmentation and the need to designate new protected areas;

O3. Identifying threats and pressures and prioritization the areas with environmental conflicts for community interest species and habitats;

O4. Developing supporting tools to increase the efficiency of biodiversity conservation;

O5. Informing decision factors on the necessity of implementing the tools and indicators for a sustainable management of protected areas and conservation efficiency.

Main results:


Book Chapters:

Niţă MR, Gavrilidis AA, Niţă A, Niculae IM, Pătroescu M (2022) The Danube River: Between Conservation and Human Pressures in the Iron Gates Natural Park. In: Negm A, Zaharia L, Ioana-Toroimac G (eds) The Lower Danube River. Hydro- Environmental Issues and Sustainability. Earth and Environmental Sciences Library. Springer, Cham.



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Vanau Go, Niculae MI, Miu VI, Pioarca- Ciocanea CM, Pindaru L (2022) Rolul evaluării conectivității habitatelor în îmbunătățirea managementului ariilor naturale protejate din România. Sesiunea Anuală de Comunicări Științifice. Cercetarea geografică în anul Centenarului Uniunii Geografice Internaționale, Instititul de Geografie al Academiei Române, 24 Iunie 2022. București, România. Prezentare orală

Niculae MI, Vanau GO, Avram S, Miu VI, Pioarca- Ciocanea CM, Pindaru L (2022) Methods and instruments used in connectivity analysis of protected areas. Geographical Research and Cross Border Cooperation. Sixth Edition. 6-8 October 2022, Craiova, Romania, Oral presentation

Vanau GO, Niculae MI, Miu VI, Pioarca- Ciocanea CM, Pindaru LC, Popa AM (2022) Evaluation and hierarchisation of pressures in Special Protection Areas (SPA) in Romania. International Conference of the Faculty of Geography “Geographical Perspectives on Global Changes”. 18-19 November 2022. Bucharest, Romania, Oral presentation

Pindaru C, Miu VI, Vanau GO, Pioarca- Ciocanea CM, Niculae MI, Rozylowicz L (2022) Using the Institutional Grammar Tool to analyze the environmental objectives set by the European Environment Action Programme. International Conference of the Faculty of Geography “Geographical Perspectives on Global Changes”. 18-19 November 2022. Bucharest, Romania, Oral presentation

Niculae MI, Vanau GO, Pioarca- Ciocanea CM, Miu VI, Pindaru L. 2022. Demonstrating the necessity of integrating measures for reducing habitat fragmentation and improving landscape connectivity in the management plans of Romanian natural protected areas. The 17 th Edition of the International Conference Present Environment and Sustainable Development. 3-4 June 2022. Iasi, Romania. Oral presentation


Scientific Report 2022 – Română

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