Movement ecology

Argos based applications for real time wildlife monitoring in Romania (BioMoveFix)

Project ID: PN-III-P2-2.1-PED-2016-0568

Contract number: 72PED/3.01.2017

Funding body: Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI)

Budget: 662096 RON (68000 RON contribution)

Period: 2017-2018

Partners: University of Bucharest, Multidimension SRL


This  project aims to develop demonstrative applications for Argos platform transmitters (hereafter, Argos PTT) in Romania, with the aim of providing tools for improving data quality, to promote state of the art research in movement ecology, and to encourage involvement of the local industry in real-time wildlife monitoring.

We will use standard Argos PTT’s data to: (1) test the reception quality conditions in Romania, (2) develop an open-source filter for data obtained from Romania, and (3) to develop a blueprint for real-time wildlife monitoring in Romania.


O.1. To review the potential use, costs, and technical reliability of existing satellite platform transmitters;

O.2. To perform field experimental usage of Argos transmitters in order to assess their potential use and effectiveness in the conditions in Romania;

O.3. To develop corrections filters locations suitable in Romanian territory;

O.4. Develop movement ecology services for real-time wildlife monitoring in Romania and Eastern Europe.



WP1 – Testing the quality of Argos data in Romania

Deliverable: Comprehensive database – onsite acquired Argos locations and relevant GPS data.
WP2 – Evaluation of errors and filters performance the data

Deliverables: Databases with filtered data and full report on the effects of communication conditions on data quality: specifications for an open-source filter for data obtained from Romania.

WP3 – Developing an open-source script for filtering data obtained from Romania

Deliverables: R-language script available to the public on GitHub; user manual; working example.

WP4 – Develop a blueprint of real-time wildlife monitoring in Romania and dissemination of results

Deliverables: workshop on real-time wildlife monitoring in Romania; online manual – based on Argos platform transmitters for wildlife in varying conditions in Romania; a presentation a conference attended by wildlife ecologists in Romania; 2 two oral presentations or posters at renowned prominent international conferences; 2 two submitted open access papers.

Research team:

  • Laurentiu Rozylowicz (UB)
  • Paul Bodescu (Multidimension)
  • Viorel Popescu (UB)
  • Marius Matache (UB)
  • Athanasios Gavrilids (Multidimension)
  • Cristiana Ciocanea (UB)
  • Andreea Nita (UB)
  • Iulia Miu (UB)
  • Steluta Manolache (UB)
  • Vizante Andrei George (Multidimension)
  • Costin Enache (Multidimension)
  • Ionut Cristian Moale (Multidimension)

Test data: