Centre for Environmental Research and Impact Studies @ University of Bucharest

Raluca Slave

Position: Research assistant

Research interests: 

  • Ecosystem services
  • Collaborative decision making
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Green infrastructures
  • Urban Ecology

Recent research projects:

  • Developing novel collaborative planning approaches to increase cities sustainability, Project number PN-III-P1-1.1-TE-2019-1009, Romanian National Authority for Scientific Research, UEFISCDI, 2020-2022, PhD student
  • Contribution of small urban green infrastructure in achieving environmental justice, Project number PN-III-P1-1.1-TE-2019-1543, Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding, UEFISCDI, 2020-2022, PhD Student

Relevant publications:

  • Iojă I.C., Breuste J., Vânău G.O., Hossu C.A., Niță M.R., Popa A.M., Onose D.A., Slave A.R. (2020) Bridging the people-nature divide using the participatory planning of urban protected areas, in Breuste, J.; M. Artmann; I.C. Ioja; S. Qureshi (eds.), Making Green Cities – Concepts, Challenges and Practice, Springer Press, Berlin

Contact: andreea.slave@drd.unibuc.ro